Outdoor Elements



The definition of concrete pavers is “concrete blocks, designed to be used as outdoor flooring.” If we may, we’d like to change that definition to read “concrete blocks, designed to be used as building blocks by grownups.” So easy to use and available in so many gorgeous colors, concrete pavers allow you to express your inner creativity via that favorite American pastime … decorating your yard. Maintenance is simple, too — just spray them down with the garden hose. And when it comes to repair, pavers can’t be beat — you can just replace one single damaged piece instead of having to redo the whole patio, walkway, fire pit, or what have you.  Adding outdoor elements such as fireplaces, cooking stations, bars, dining & pub tables and other features can add significant enjoyment and value to an outdoor landscape design. 
Listed below you will find a list of Outdoor Living design concepts...
 Steps | If your yard has a grade to it, assemble yourself a simple yet decorative staircase out of concrete pavers. They will need to be cemented in place for steadiness.
 Fire Pit | What’s a patio without some way to cook your supper outdoors? (All that sitting and relaxing can really work up an appetite, you know.) Concrete pavers are not only handsome, they’re  also highly fire resistant. Just make sure you construct your fire pit at least 12-20 feet away from the nearest building and beware of overhanging branches. For safety’s sake, check out your  local fire code before you start stacking pavers.
Garden Border | Mark off a garden bed with a fence of pavers placed horizontally or vertically, according to how much height you’re going for.
Necessories Kits by Rockwood | We've created this unique line of outdoor living kits to make hardscaping both affordable and easy-to-build.  Necessories™ is a collection of affordable and easy-to-assemble outdoor fireplaces, bars and grills, tables, fire rings, Seat/Bench Walls, pillars, water features and patio kits.  Each Necessories outdoor living kit comes packaged with everything you need to build, including pre-cut block, adhesive, and easy to read course-by-course assembly instructions. No Cutting, no guessing, no hassles - no problem!™
Check out this before and after of a backyard