Build Your Own Planter Box

Stone Planter Box

Build a Raised Planter Box with Basalite’s StoneWall II       Check out StoneWall II products: Stonewall-IIstone planter box

You can build the same planter box as seen on On HGTVs Yard Crashers in a weekend!

  1. Marking out the Area-Stake out the area you wish to build your planter box. You can build any sized planter box with StoneWall II, however, 5 ft. x 5 ft. is a standard recommendation. Starting at one point, place a stake in the ground and measure out the length desired. Place another stake in the ground, measure out the width desired. Place a third stake in the ground and measure the length desired. Finally, place a fourth stake in the ground and attach it to the first stake. This will square off your planter box.    
  2. Compact and Level-Once you have your area marked; dig approximately 6 inches into the soil. Place and level 3 inches of a ¾ minus gravel base rock and, using a hand tamper, compact the base rock.
  3. Placing your Base Course-Set your base course by starting from one corner, then work outward towards your second stake. Check the blocks for levelness both front to back and side to side. Continue laying your blocks into the desired area until you have closed off your planter box.
  4. Placing Additional Courses-insert the 3 Way Alignment Plugs into the blocks, stack additional courses in a running bond pattern, (a running bond pattern is where the top block is stacked at the half way or middle of the lower block). When stacking blocks at the corners, interlace the corners to strengthen them. Continue stacking additional courses until the desired height is achieved. Do not build your wall taller than 3 feet as the StoneWall II is not designed to exceed that height.
  5. Placing Caps-Place all of the caps on the blocks, “dry fitting” them.  Using a masonry adhesive, secure the caps to the blocks.
  6.  Filling the Box-Once you have constructed your wall, fill your planter box with a top quality planter mix that you can obtain from your local Landscape Materials supply yard. A good quality material will have the proper soil mix and help promote plant growth. For additional information, see your Landscape Professional and ask their advice.

As Seen on Yard Crashers:  Fileacrashersvideo2finalvideo.wmv